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Adapting to the New Normal

“Who Moved the Cheese?” a lab rat might ask if someone changed the location of his food in a maze he knows by heart. Join Jim Conlan in online discussion groups about the “new normal,” that universal part of aging we must learn to embrace—everything from adapting to retirement to losing loved ones and friends to having health concerns and mobility/sensory impairments to feeling forced to move in order to accommodate where we are in this second half of life. 

And now there is the new reality of the coronavirus. These groups are a place to explore change together, share what responses have worked or haven’t worked in the past, and discuss approaches that will be helpful in the future as we navigate new challenges when there are unexpected twists and turns on life’s journey. 

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03 ene

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31 oct 2023

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18 sept 2023

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07 sept 2023

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09 ago 2023

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