Our mission is to develop and sustain an inclusive community in Houston committed to mutual support and connectedness so that we can live intentionally with vitality and purpose as we age.


A Note on Carl Jung: 

His essay on aging is one of our guides. 


Our Collective Goals & Values

  • Provide an atmosphere for learning using speakers, media, book studies, etc. that introduce topics that are of interest to the conscious aging community

  • Provide interaction through small group discussions on topics related to aging

  • Provide opportunities for social connection with others who are also interested in aging consciously

Steering Committee 

Karleen Koen
Michele Lees
Bob Levy
David Spaw
Maryann Tebbe

Karen Waldman

John Hyatt 

Our History

We formed in 2018; our genesis came from conversations between friends about the process of aging, how to find or keep a community and how to deal with the challenges of aging. We are a volunteer organization and still creating ourselves.

We've presented programs on Carl Jung's Stage of Life, on Resilience and How to Develop It, on Finding Purpose as We Age, and on The Second Half of Life. These are usually at the Jung Center and include a light supper and social time because developing community is part of our goal.

There is an ongoing Coffee & Conversation group that meets monthly.  There are book study groups. We are open to planning any event that serves our mission.

Out website contains resource lists of books, articles and TED talks on aging.  We include a community bulletin board of events and/or classes around town that have to do with aging or whose focus is on seniors.

We'd love to have you learn more about us or join us in one of our adventures. 


Follow the link below to see a list of possible activities the group is interested in participating in.


Follow the link below to see a list of possible topics the group is interested in participating in.