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Community for Conscious Aging
Hope in the Hard Conversations about Alzheimer's and Dementia

Here you can find audio recordings of the CCA's Fall 2023 series on Alzheimer's and dementia.
We hope these recordings continue to provide support and awareness.

Event 1

Cognitive Changes with Normal Aging

George E. Taffet

Ever notice that sometimes things take longer to mentally process than they did when you were much younger? Ever get lost going somewhere that you have been to before? Ever “blank” on someone’s name and worry that you have had more frequent “senior moments” or “brain freezes” as the years pass? Join Dr. George E. Taffet and The Jung Center's Community for Conscious Aging for this Lunch & Learn that kicks off our fall series, Hope in the Hard Conversations about Alzheimer's and Dementia, and explore the ways that the brain changes naturally as we age.

Event 2

Decoding Dementia

Types, Risks, and the Power of Cognitive Examination

Hannah Combs

Dr. Hannah Combs of Houston Methodist continues the Community for Conscious Aging's discussion of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Join us for a brief overview of the most common kinds of dementia, including their risk factors and causes. Learn about the early and advanced warning signs of different kinds of dementia, and when it would be prudent to get a cognitive evaluation for oneself or a loved one. We'll learn about the role of the neuropsychologist, what the process of dementia assessment looks like, and how testing helps both to identify what kind of dementia someone has, and to determine what the immediate next steps are in its treatment.

Event 3

Armor up!

 Improving Brain Health to Protect Yourself Against Dementia

Kendra Anderson

Dr. Kendra Anderson of UTHealth Neurosciences at McGovern Medical School continues the Community for Conscious Aging's discussion of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Picking up where the Dr. Hannah Combs discussion of dementia assesments ended, we'll explore how neuropsychologists work with other providers to determine the best line of care for the type of dementia being experienced.  What is it like to live with the different kinds of dementia?  How does the development of dementia progress through different stages?  Pivotally, what are the different treatment approaches that slow the progression of different kinds of dementias?  The medical field and the care of a physician can provide interventions such as medication and lifestyle change suggestions – plus brand new research underway helping to reach better treatments or even possible cures – to help manage the effects of dementia on those affected.  Join us to learn some healthy lifestyle tips intended to preserve cognitive functioning and to help prevent different types of dementia.

Event 4

Hope is on the Horizon

Challenges, Strategies, and Wisdom for Caregivers

Carol Cooper, Julie Kutak, and Jorge Olvera

Join Eddie Orum – a Community Educator for the Alzheimer's Association's Houston, Houston and Southeast Texas Chapter – and the Community for Conscious Aging as we wrap up our fall series on Alzheimer's and dementia. In this panel discussion, we will not only explore the impacts of caregiving on the affected individual, but also on the caregivers themselves. How does early detection of dementia influence caregiving? What can a caregiver realistically expect when tending to an individual affected by dementia, and where can they turn to for support? Through personal stories and professional wisdom, we'll explore how to navigate and cope with the conflicts, anxieties, and agitations that can arise for caregivers, and how we can find joy in life, even in tough situations.

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