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Community for Conscious Aging
Lunch & Learn Gallery

Here you can find audio recordings of past CCA Lunch & Learn events.
Join us each month and bring your lunch to an hour that always provides food for thought.

November 2022

Coming Home to Yourself through Kindness

Pam Lewis

While we spend most of the year coordinating, compromising, and occasionally struggling to find opportunities to be with our families and friends, for many, the holiday season is a time for coming home, and for being together in warmth and kindness.  From the perspective of many mindfulness practices, kindness is a quality at the heart of our being.  It is a birthright.  Join Pam Lewis and the Community for Conscious Aging during Compassionate Houston's Compassion Week as we explore the power of kindness, its benefits to our relationships and the world around us, as well as to our own personal health and well-being.  Discover and cultivate simple, evidence-based practices to incline your mind and heart toward kindness, a state sometimes compared to bringing a musical instrument into tune, or to returning to your home within.

October 2022

Practicing Peace in Divisive Times

Ginger Clarkson

Ginger Clarkson, Community Dharma Leader of Insight Meditation Houston, speaks about “Practicing Peace in Divisive Times” and leads a guided meditation. Drawing on teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the recently deceased Vietnamese Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh, the presentation will focus on the cultivation of inner peace. There will be a period for discussion about applying these teachings to challenging situations such as the upcoming midterm congressional elections.

September 2022

How Love Changes through the Lifespan

Michael Winters

Loving is an essential act of fully-human being.  Join psychologist Michael Winters for this preview of his fall course, "I Love, Therefore I Am: Love as a Primary Condition of Being Human".  In this Lunch & Learn, we'll explore the nature of love and humanness, and the ways that love changes as we age. Discover different perspectives on the nature of connection, the meaning of love and life, the ways we live our love out into the world, and the positive effects that loving can have on our psyches.  Let's kick off the fall with some love!

June 2022

The Afternoon of Life and Conscious Aging

CCA Steering Committee 

What is the Community for Conscious Aging? What is conscious aging? Our mission is to develop and sustain an inclusive community in Houston committed to mutual support and connectedness so that we can live intentionally with vitality and purpose as we age. Join current and former CCA steering committee members as they discuss what conscious aging means to them, how the community came about, and what can be ahead for CCA.

May 2022

Accepting Mortality: What Matters Most

Sean Fitzpatrick

Can we prepare for death? To some degree, we can plan for the material effects of the dying process, through living wills, inheritance plans, prepaid mortuary services, and other tools. When it comes to the soul, however, we struggle mightily to hold death in our awareness - individually and as a society. In this conversation, we will explore the contemporary social vacuum around death and dying, and wonder, with Jung, what might be possible if we understand death as the goal of life.

April 2022

Hanging by a Thread

Christina Baldwin

Life hangs on a narrative thread. This thread is a braid of stories that define who we are, what the world is like, and how we make our way. In this interactive seminar, Christina Baldwin, co-founder of The Circle Way, and author of Storycatcher, will speak to her decades of work on the power and practice of story and its capacity to make meaning of life’s raw experiences. She believes personal narrative is the foundation for resilience and engagement in these times and that, as we “stand in our own stories,” we discover our place in a larger narrative.

March 2022

Pilgrimage and Poignancy: Aging as a Journey to Self

John Schuster

Aging with intention is a creative and courageous act – a path to wholeness – and makes artists of us all when it calls us to find and express our inner beauty, and to imagine life beyond our perceived limits. Carl Jung addressed the psychology of the second half of life, and many later thinkers and writers after him have offered additional models – and questions. In our time together, we will explore and apply some of these lessons to the challenges and opportunities of our own conscious aging journeys. The paths of growth in elderhood are laden with new joys and new burdens and, above all, new opportunities that could not have presented themselves in what for many of us was the busyness of our mid-life years.

February 2022

From Spiritual Aging, through Conscious Aging, to Soulful Aging

Andy Achenbaum

Dr. Andy Achenbaum explores spiritual development and aging for February’s Lunch & Learn. "I have spent forty years of contemplative meditating, the last two decades of writing and conversing about the connections between spiritual development and growing older,” says Dr. Andy Achenbaum about this talk to the Community for Conscious Aging. "As I am turning 75 on Texas Independence Day, it seems a good time for us to share a Lunch-and-Learn meal reflecting on the various ways our ideas evolve. Mine has grown less heady, increasingly heartfelt and soulful.”

January 2022

Blowing in the Wind: Music that Matters

John Price

Music has a way of acting like a beloved companion, supporting us when we are challenged by the suffering within our lives. Music may also act as a thorn in our side, reminding us of moments that we would rather forget. It is a time machine, a warm blanket, a good friend, a bad reminder, or the symbol of a cultural movement. Whatever it is to you, you have some kind of meaningful relationship with music. In this lunch-time presentation we will explore how music matters through a brief lecture on aspects of music that may surprise you, and we will also hear a few songs performed by Dr. John Price, both a psychotherapist and a musician, who will guide us into a process wherein each participant may work with meaningful psychological material through a selection of songs and a discussion about what matters most. I bet we find music that matters to you.

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