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Embrace the Moment

A Conscious Elder Meditation 
for the Holidays

In the spirit of elder wisdom, we offer this holiday invitation to elders. Conscious eldering includes forgiveness, sharing wisdom and joy, and contemplation. It includes acceptance and celebration of body, mind, soul; it includes both solitude and community, alliances, and differences. It includes wonder at the diversity of life and honor of others, honor of one’s own past, present, and future.

Our gift is to remind you of harmony and healing with this holiday meditation, which needs less than fifteen minutes of time. You may do it once or as often as you like during this month. We hope it brings comfort and joy.

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Audio Transcript

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a special place that makes you feel comfortable, a place that wraps you in warmth and safety. Take a deep breath in and out slowly. Do this three times as you settle deeply into your chair.

  2. This is a special season for so many. You’ve had many seasons. What seasonal sounds bring you joy?  Bells? Music? Laughter? Fireplace crackle? Think of them, hear them, savor them.

  3. What seasonal smells bring happy memories? A special holiday dish? Pine or fir trees? Flowers? Incense? Think of these, smell them, savor them.

  4. What are favorite holiday sights? Children smiling? Lights galore? Candles being lit? Dance? Think of them, see them, savor them.

  5. What gestures of touch highlight this holiday? A hug from someone dear? Rain or snow falling? Cold touching your cheeks? Think of these, feel them, savor them.

  6. Elders are gifted with the memory of so many moments.  Take the memories summoned here and put them in a mental box with all your love and gratitude for having had them. Take a moment to consider. How might you release them? How might you gift to others what is in that box this season?

  7. Through forgiving an old grudge or yourself, through writing in your journal and commemorating your memories, through an act of service, through a note to express appreciation, through baking a pie, through taking a long walk? How will you share this season all that has been, all that is with others and with yourself? How will you experience healing and harmony and pass that on?

  8. When you are ready, open your eyes and go out into this holiday knowing your elderhood, its presence and experience, are a gift.


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