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Pathways to Well-Being with Dementia: A Book Review

Pathways to Well-Being with Dementia: A Manual of Help, Hope and Inspiration is an extraordinary body of work (432+ pages) reflecting the impact and inspirations from dementia patients, care givers, clinicians, researchers, authors, professional supporters.  Modeling that “it takes a village,” it gives voice to the dementia experience by engaging and prominently featuring patient experiences. As one patient noted: “Dementia doesn’t rob you of your ability to experience joy or be happy.” The forty-eight patients, supported by notable experts, produced a manual that is practical, grounded in science and presented in a user-friendly format. It is rich in resources and recommendations.  The eight sections describe respectfully the journey many take with attention to life affairs, quality of life, emotional, physical, spiritual health, care partnering, medical and technological support and community engagement. This not a book to conquer but rather read and reflect, read and smile, read and transform perceptions and take small actions to improve life with dementia. Kudos to the community that created this guide. A must read!!

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