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Possible Activities

These were activities suggested by Kickoff Meeting participants:

  • Speakers

  • Book reviews, book discussions or book study

  • Classes on relevant topics

  • Facilitated group discussions

  • Support groups

  • Social events

  • Field trips

  • Opportunities for inter-generational activities

  • Films, TED talks, You Tube videos and discussions

  • Body work and exercise

  • Interesting and fun activities, such as game night, movies, etc.

  • Elders in Training volunteers and mentoring

  • Opportunities for community service

  • Outreach and support to the sick and to those aging in place

  • Opportunities for spiritual development, such as mindfulness awareness practice, yoga, labyrinth walks and time in nature

  • Actions and activities to support conscious and intentional aging: daily practices and rituals, the miracles of aging, how to improve your attitude and quality of life

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