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Possible Topics

These were topics suggested by Kickoff Meeting participants:

  • Effective and proactive use of technology

  • Intergenerational living

  • Housing and living options

  • How to combat loneliness and isolation

  • Finding wisdom and meaning in aging and loss

  • Resilience

  • Elder Orphans

  • Sharing fears, anxieties, solutions

  • Alzheimers, dementia facts, fears and emotions

  • The upside of aging

  • The downside of aging

  • Dignity in Dying

  • Communicating with our children, family and caregivers

  • End of life planning, including death, wills, funerals, estates

  • Coming to terms with mortality, legacies, making peace with death and dying

  • Male aging issues

  • Demographic-specific support groups: male, female, older, younger, etc.

  • Transition to retirement and other life changes

  • Grandparenting

  • Storytelling, journaling or writing your life story

  • Service and support opportunities, such as Lovett House, Senior Living on Shepherd,

  • West U Senior Center, YMCA’s

  • How to develop a support system and a supportive network

  • How can I continue to have a purposeful life as an older old

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