The Community for Conscious Aging

During this challenging time of virus-imposed social distancing and physical isolation, we share some ideas that can keep you socially connected


Stress, resilience, & recovery

Technology for now

we want to hear from you




1. Join CCA on Facebook

CCA members can share information, get to know each other, and provide mutual support by joining our online Facebook (FB) group created just for us. It’s called Community for Conscious Aging Houston. This is a closed group and completely separate from anyone’s personal FB page. You will be able to post information, ask questions, and dialogue about age-related issues and stresses. This is not a replacement for our website but an additional way to communicate, especially now that our social options are limited because of Covid-19 restrictions. You must already be on Facebook to join us.  


If you don’t have a Facebook page, here is the link to get you started: CLICK HERE!


2.  Stress, Resilience, & Recovery

Websites We Recommend

The Jung Center continues to offer classes and talks online, topics ranging from meditation to managing emotions during a pandemic to how introverts and extroverts energize. We were energized by Oprah’s interview with The Jung Center's Fall Benefit speaker Anthony Ray Hinton, confined to a 5' x 7' cell for 30 years for a crime he did not commit. 



Houston’s Brene Brown is leading conversations to unlock our humanity with love and courage in this time of stress and change.


New York psychologist Esther Perel presents a YouTube series on Love, Loss, and Loneliness Under Lockdown. You can watch all sessions at any time, and there are extra resources included on grief and stress management. 


CCA member Stan Merrill offers a ten-minute guided meditation to help relax and calm. Stressful situations trigger the body’s fight or flight response releasing adrenaline into the blood stream. When we are able to breathe long, slow, and deep while focusing our attention on the present moment, our disposition will change.


Here is a site to help with the practice of gratefulness, a practice which is said to help with more positive emotions, better sleep, and stronger immune systems. 



3.  Catching up in the Age of Technology


While it is mandated to physically isolate, we urge you to not socially isolate. FaceTime and Zoom and other video apps are wonderful tools for connection that allow you to see whom you’re talking to. (We also recommend simply calling one another on the phone.) But connecting via computer or phone is worth the time to learn.

These social media and video conferencing apps—Facebook, FaceTime (Apple), Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp—are free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and/or Google Play. And you can always go to YouTube instructional videos online to help set up and use any apps. Here are some sites to learn how to get started.  







4. We Want to Hear from You

We want your suggestions and feedback. Your input helps us shape CCA’s mission and outreach. What ideas do you have to support CCA’s goal of creating a supportive community—especially important in this day and time?  Many of you have some type of expertise that you might share with our membership. If you have some suggestions to help CCA members, or if you would be interested in facilitating a small online class/discussion group, let us know.


5. Volunteer


We’re growing, and creating ourselves as we grow. We invite you to be part of our growth. Whatever your expertise — from accountant to skilled nursing to teaching to raising a family — we can use your wisdom. Help us create game plans for this second half of life. Volunteer.